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Body and mind DETOX Week

in Croatia, on the island of VIS


21. Mai - 28. Mai 2023

Retreat Fee: € 1.000

Retreat Program

Kundalini yoga

Bodily practices

Transformative practices

Balancing masculine and feminine energies


Conversation circles

Long walks

Practices of silence

Detox menu

Island tour

Joint celebration on the last day



I am Latvian. Childhood has brought life experience, thanks to which I have gained a lot, transformed my traumas into love, acceptance and forgiveness. Walking my path of transformation for 7 years, learning coaching, the Hellinger method and personally working with various teachers in Latvia and Bali, I have gained the confidence that any life story can be changed, you can change your destiny by making the right choices today. Life is not there - behind the window, life is here and now. And it is today's choices that shape your actions. Everything starts with a thought in a person's head, whatever thoughts we think, we come to them.

I practice the practices of femininity and through myself I pass on to women this female power that is given to us from birth. It is a privilege to be a woman, to value your natural female energy and to use it correctly. One of my personal challenges right now is to embrace and transform my masculine energy, which is present in every woman. Women tend to deny it or suppress it, but only by balancing these two energies within ourselves, we can get the harmony we have been waiting for so long.

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